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For Doll Signatures
To email your doll heads,
please click on link and put Doll Heads For Delphi Request in subject line:

Or Pick a head here:

If you choose from an older set and it is too small, I will just choose something else for you.
Heads by Incognito 2008 NEW

Heads by Silver

New Heads by HayLz(Gals & Guys)
Including Guys Ethnic and Gals Back Views!

New Heads by HayLz (Gals Ethnic)

Heads by HayLz(Gals & Guys)

Heads by Incognito NEW Set

Heads by Incognito 1st & 2nd Sets (Gals & Guys)

Heads by Melie

Guy Heads by Auburn Angel

If you don't state a head choice
or if you choose one that doesn't work with the adopt
then I will pick one for you.
Please give hair color and # of Head
Thank you

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~Doll Adopts 1~

~Doll Adopts 2~

~Doll Adopts 3~

Play Games at Fairy Friends and Win these Dolls!
We also have lots of special games!

To request a signature, please go to
Fairy Friends
Thank you!

To check out my new passion of pixeling go here:
Pixie Dee's Precious Pixels
Thank you!

A special page created for Credits of Doll Body and Head artist. Thank you all!

Doll Bodies and Heads Credits Page

Please, no requests via email!
Thank you :O)

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